Toon Outlet Cartoon Agency Primarily for Newsletter Publishers

What Is Toon Outlet?

Toon Outlet is a cartoon agency. It is different from other agencies in a couple of respects. First of all, this agency specializes in slanting cartoons to the specific needs of the publishers. For example, if you are a lawyer, the cartoons I submit to you will be related to lawyers, courts and the law. These cartoons will not cut down your profession, rather they will respectfully laugh with you. Toon Outlet cartoons are designed primarily for newsletter publishers and we feel that cartoons are an essential part of newsletter content.

It is my belief that cartoons do the following for newsletter publishers:

  1. Attract and direct the reader's attention to your more important content.
  2. Put the reader in a fun, receptive mood.
  3. Help the reader to remember your company when he needs your products or services.

I am fully aware of the fact that some newsletters have very little money to devote to their publications. For this reason my pricing policy is to let you make an offer - something you think is fair but that reflects what the cartoons are worth to you. I submit cartoons by email and because I submit to multiple publications prices are very flexible. If you'd like to have cartoons submitted, contact me. You are under no obligation to purchase cartoons when you receive my submissions and there is no cost unless you actually use some of the cartoons.

Current Topics:

Cartoons for Law Office Newsletters

Cartoons for Medical Newsletters

Cartoons for Real Estate Newsletters

Cartoons for Gift Shop Newsletters

Cartoons for Union Newsletters

Cartoons for Accountant Newsletters

Let me know what topics you would like to see.